HarperDB is looking for a VP of Engineering to drive the daily tactical responsibilities of the team that develops and delivers our core product. For this role we are looking for someone with both the technical skills to develop the product and the leadership skills to manage a team of engineers as we scale massively. We are looking for someone to take us to the next level with process without slowing down our velocity. You will be responsible for managing and delivering team milestones, software development, and team member growth. As VP of Engineering you will work closely with our EVP of Engineering and the broader engineering team to ensure that HarperDB continues to deliver an innovative product to the market.


  • You’ve never said “People, Process, Product” in your life.
  • Pragmatic not dogmatic.
  • Experience in building out lean processes to facilitate development and deployment in a timely manner.
  • 10+ years of experience in Software Development or DevOps and still maintains technical proficiency. VP will still be an individual contributor to some degree.
  • Experience in managing, mentoring, and scaling out hybrid engineering teams, specifically Software Engineering & DevOps.
  • Experience creating clearly defined requirements, developing design docs, and leading design discussions.
  • Strong organizational leadership skills.
  • Strong knowledge in data structures, algorithms, distributed systems.
  • Ability to analyze complex problems, think creatively, communicate recommendations, influence change and be able to drive process and structure into an extremely dynamic environment.
  • Experience with SQL & NoSQL databases.
  • Experience developing in Node.js.
  • Values experience over pedigree.
  • Added bonus has worked at tech-lead large scale organizations such as Red Hat, Google, Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft, or similar

HarperDB is a distributed database focused on making developers' lives easier while delivering easy to use tools that help reduce global data latency. We are primarily focused on Gaming, Media, and E-Commerce use cases, but also work with customers in other areas.

We highly value transparency, focus, accountability, and kindness in our team. We try our best to be good humans. We work very hard but also believe strongly in supporting a healthy work-life harmony. We value creativity and flexibility of thinking. We believe in finding good people and helping them grow in their careers. We are mainly in the Denver area, but have teammates spread out across the US.

Some qualities we look for in HarperDB team members:

  • Aligned with and embodies our core values - Transparency, Authenticity, Focus, and Empowerment
  • Leads with and creates cooperation with compassion and empathy
  • Strong sense of personal accountability
  • Aligned with and believes in company vision and strategy
  • Understands it’s a marathon not a sprint
  • Values process, but not when it gets in the way of execution
  • Empowers peers and team over personal success
  • Focused on success of company, not only themselves
  • Able to equally give, receive and accept feedback
  • Ability to have challenging conversations in a constructive manner
  • Knows that perfect is the enemy of good
  • Is able to be transparent even when it's uncomfortable
  • Motivated to succeed thru the success of HarperDB
  • Ability to make short term decisions with a long term perspective
  • Balanced skill set of strategic and tactical skills
  • Can translate strategic vision into tactical executable goals with little direction
  • Embodies a “A rising tide lifts all boats” mentally with teammates, customers, and partners
  • Not an empire builder…. i.e. doesn’t want to manage a huge team, just to manage a huge team
  • Making decisions that are best for HarperDB, and their career at HarperDB, not their next job
  • Decisive
  • Capable of making hard decisions

HarperDB is experiencing massive growth, which is fun and exciting but also intense. We are still very much a startup, with a startup culture. This gives team members a lot of flexibility and room for growth, but also means we sometimes lack the structure of a larger organization.

If you are not scared away yet we would love to see your resume!