Chief of Staff


Salary: $125k - $150k + Equity

Benefits: Healthcare, Vision, Dental, 401k, Unlimited PTO, Flexible Working Hours

HarperDB is looking for a Chief of Staff to support the CEO and executive team with execution, planning, project management, and coordination. We are looking for a highly organized, detailed oriented individual capable of both managing tactical and strategic tasks across all of the organizations. HarperDB is at an inflection point in its business and is scaling fast with projected growth of 2 - 3x in the next 18 months.

Our executive team is composed of smart, empathetic, kind leaders who often don’t know what day it is, or sometimes even where they are. Our organization leaders have deep expertise and operate in a distributed management structure. We are looking for an individual who is obsessively organized, extremely task oriented, determined to get things done, and capable of managing both up and down. This individual will be the nexus across organizations to the company moving forward together.

The primary function of this role will be attending meetings across functions such as fundraising, finance, product delivery, strategic partnerships, sales, and marketing. Documenting deliverables, tasks, and next steps, to drive accountability and execution of those action items as well as coordinating follow up.

HarperDB is a distributed database focused on making developers’ lives easier while delivering easy to use tools that help reduce global data latency. We are primarily focused on Gaming, Media, and e-commerce use cases, and work with customers in other areas.

We highly value transparency, focus, accountability, and kindness in our team. We try our best to be good humans. We work very hard but also believe strongly in supporting a healthy work-life balance. We value creativity and flexibility of thinking. We believe in finding good people and helping them grow in their careers.

If you are not scared away yet, please apply below.